Why You Should Use A More Expensive Commercial Display Instead of A “Smart TV”

For business owners looking to improve their visual presence, a logical solution is to invest in flatscreen video boards for the display of corporate information or other content. In many situations, especially for bar and restaurant owners, having high-definition screen capabilities is a necessity for attracting and retaining customers. But as a small business owner […]

Can’t I Use A Cheap Desktop Web Cam For My Conference Room?

In order to perform a quality conference call, you need to invest in a bit more than the camera built into a laptop, or even a cheap Web cam you have tucked away. There are other video conference tech options available out there, and you don’t need to pay an arm and leg for the […]

Chris de Treville Leading The New Tallahassee Office

Press Release CCS Mid Atlantic is proud to announce that Chris de Treville will be leading the new Tallahassee office and will be focused on Western Florida and South Georgia markets. “We are very excited to have Chris join our team. Chris brings a tremendous amount of experience and his passion for serving customers is […]

5 Benefits of an LED Video Wall For Your Business

When you want to give your business space a more modern look to brand it, or to simply display your latest innovation, product or service, consider implementing a video wall! The reality is that a video wall has the power to attract attention. It’s the perfect tool to have everyone in sync at the office […]

Should I Purchase Professional/Commercial Grade Monitors Over Consumer Monitors?

When it comes to monitors, commercial grade and consumer grade vary in many ways. Although it is true that consumer grade monitors are typically cheaper than commercial monitors, there are several important reasons why commercial businesses and operations should invest in a commercial grade monitor instead of a consumer grade monitor. Intended Use and Operation […]

How To Get Rid of Poor Audio During Conference Calls

Communication technology is a pivotal part of any company’s IT architecture, especially if the business is spread across global regions. Without real-time communication tools, such as video chat and conference calling, it’s impossible for different teams and departments to stay coordinated and organized. Using conference phones during meetings will allow for remote and work-at-home employees […]

What Is The Best Projector Resolution & Brightness For Your Conference Room

After all of the hard work you put into making your presentation enlightening, appealing, and eye-catching, it’s time for the presentation. The client has been someone you have been trying to partner with your business for a extended period of time. They could prove to be extremely profitable with the resources they bring to the […]

Collaborative Workspace – New Year Comes Up With New Equipment

The World Wide Web has changed the meaning behind the collaborative work space. What are some of the hottest collaboration equipment innovations for the coming Year of 2018? What AV technology are you looking for? 2018 Collaboration Equipment The World Wide Web is all about collaboration – collaboration between individuals, organizations and computers. The world […]

Taking Advantage of Hospitality Audiovisual Solutions

When you enter a hospitality environment, how many screens and monitors can you cont? Audiovisual technology is now everywhere within the hospitality industry. With increase in technological advancements, there’s proliferation of audiovisual communications technologies, including lighting, projection systems, sound, display, and video apparent in every sector globally. One thing for sure with display screens is they […]

Makerspaces And Their Benefits

Makerspaces And Their Benefits The term “makerspace” has been around for quite a few years now, although the purpose and the implications of having access to such a space are just starting to show their impact. Having an association with anything from robotics development in laboratories to Lego stations at the local library, a “makerspace” […]